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  • Photo edits, photo order suggestions, complete bio overhaul, and more

  • A customized & unique online dating profile from top-to-bottom

  • Absolute profile & conversation management

  • Personalized advice on how to maximize your results

  • Professional guidance via Skype, WhatsApp, Email, or other group chat method that you prefer

  • A team of dedicated matchmakers from all over the world

  • Unlimited revisions


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15% OFF returning client discount.


Fun fact: Andrey, the Founder of Randawoo, actually met my wife in Uber Pool while they were both coming from Tinder dates, so he definitely knows how to talk to strangers, and shared his secret sauce with his entire team.


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Success Stories

Our team and myself have had a pleasure to work with over 150 clients from all over the world! Moreover, we were featured in several articles and with more to come!

Andrey was very professional and knowledgeable. He helped me go from 0 dates on Tinder to 2 dates multiple (on going) conversations and over 30 matches in a week. He responded quickly to any and all of my inquiries and went above and beyond.

- Saiquan


What is a Pop-up or "tiny" Wedding?

A pop-up or "TINY" wedding, is an alternative to the REALLY expensive traditional way to say “I do,” spending tons of cash on a party for people you may not even know. Pop-Up weddings are turn-key, held at a location that is special to you and your partner, and can range from an “elopement” with just the two of you to a larger affair, keeping in mind the goal is a simple intimate memerable experience. Our planning staff will take care of the logistics, perform the ceremony, and help you create a memory, with the costs greatly reduced.

Are We Married By Clergy?

That is a tricky question, but we have a pretty solid answer. Yes and No. Our Matrimony Team is made of of South Carolina Nortary Publics, and ordained as a non-dominiatoinal ministers. Here are the takeaways - In the State of South Carolina, a Notary Public is on the very short list of people who can sign off on a marrage license, and pronouce a couple married. That having been said, if you are would like to have a faith based wedding, and have specific scripture or other faith passages we got you covered - if you would like a special ceremony that is more non-demoninational or otherwise free from religion, you are covered there too!

Who Can Get Married...In a Dash?

Great question - but we have a couple for you - 1. Do you love each other? 2. Are you ready to commit for the rest of your lives together? If you answered "YES" to both of those questions, YOU CAN GET MARRIED!

Do We Need a Marrage License?

Yes. In South Carolina, you must obtain a license from the county in which you intend to be married. Once you have the license, you will bring it to the ceremony. The great thing is that a license can be acquired at ANY courthouse in South Carolina, and the ceremony can also be anywhere in the State. There is NO requirement to get married in the county where you get the license. Also, the license is valid for a year, so you can get it far in advance, or right before the ceremony, and you are good to go. Your officiant will, after you exchange "I Do's," sign and file the paperwork for you.

Do We Need a Blood Test?

No. South Carolina does NOT require a blood test - only the appropriate license, which will be signed by your officient.

Where Can We Get Married?

Now this is our favorite question to answer - "ANYWHERE." Palmetto Dash Pop-up Weddings has a list of some public places that we can perform your cermony - but don't think that those are the ONLY locations! As long as you are within The Palmetto State, where you exchange your comitment vows to each other doesn't matter. Like our list? Pick one - have another special place in mind? Let us know...we can make it work...a trail, back yard, pool, garage, workplace...get the idea? It really doesn't matter.

What About Pictures and Flowers?

You are welcome to take as many pictures as you would like on your cell - and we hope that you have extra memory...or even have your own photographer for that matter... But, if you would like to have a PRO, not just your Aunt Bunny - with her fingers visable on nearly every shot - we have you covered. We have pre-arranged packages with one of our partner photographers who will capture the moments and memories of your Pop-Up Wedding, and provide them to you at a ridiculous saving from the traditional event. And if you are lacking a green thumb or have been discouraged by the packages you have seen, we have already negotiated something special for your special day that will meet your budget, but ensure your memories and wedding experience are a once in a lifetime memory.

So a Pop-Up Wedding is basically eloping?

Well yes...but then no. Generally, the traditional "elopement" is just the two of you, which, by the way, is PERFECT for a Pop-Up wedding...But the real difference is the ability for you to share the day with your family and closest friends, like a traditional wedding, but MUCH smaller, and a LOT easier.

What if we need a dress or other enhancements?

Palmetto Pop-Up Weddings offers a basic low cost wedding, but we also offer all sorts of enhancements so that the day is still YOUR dream day. We have partnered with a dress provider who rents inventory, so if wearing a wedding gown is your dream without the cost of buying and fitting a dress, along with the cost to "store it" forever. We also have tux rentals. Need a DJ or other entertainment for an after party? No problem!

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