So Who Is The Founder Behind Randawoo?

Fun fact: I have actually met my girlfriend, and now my wife, in Uber Pool, while we were both coming from Tinder dates.

Great question! My name is Andrey and I have started mastering the psychology behind online dating platforms since the early days of Tinder. Back in my college days, one of my close friends was joking how he could be my profile manager and arrange dates for me. Fast-forward to 2019, I decided to convert that joke of an idea to an actual successful business that helps people save countless of hours on irrelevant matches every day.

But don't get me wrong, I have faced numerous rejections from the opposite sex, and the world of online dating has started to become more frustrating by day, when I first started. I decided not to give up just yet and give online dating another shot. So over the time, I was able to reapply those learnings from each failed match as effective strategies that have helped me maximize the amount of matches and actual dates ​that I have been getting ever since. 

And that is why with Randawoo, I want to utilize my gathered skills and knowledge to help people find their true love or to simply help them stop wasting time on irrelevant matches.


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